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I'm interested in the reclaiming of public spaces that normally would be used to advertise things people want us to buy. Stickering is most interesting to me (and less destructive than other means). I don't care too much for stickers that advertise a product, an event, or which have any commercial merit. I'm primarily interested in stickers that people have made in order to provoke thought. If you live in an urban area, look around...

Following are some pictures of, and reflections upon, stickers or other guerilla commentary I've seen.

What I've named the sticker When added to this web page Where it was seen
The Last Great Liar 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Half an Andre 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Asahi 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Garudas VAQ-134 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Stride - Leap 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Nike child labor (stenciled paint) 4 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Something has to be done about capitalism 5 August 2002 Seattle, Wa
Graffitics 10 March 2003 Seattle, Wa
Head #138 18 May 2003 Seattle, Wa
Guardian Alien 18 May 2003 Seattle, Wa
The Sticker-Up Kid 13 November 2003 Seattle, Wa
This Is The Enemy 30 December 2003 Seattle, Wa
Diamond Head, or Le'ahi 13 September 2004 O'ahu, Hawaii

Following are links to other stickering influences I've come across on the 'net.