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I saw this sticker at the Coleman Dock on Seattle's Elliot Bay. Someone tried to peel it, but wasn't very successful. The word "graffitics" is a clever combination of "graffiti" and "graphics". It's an interesting representation of the act of stickering - in one sense the act of defacing property with "art" is graffiti and at the same time it's using printed graphics instead of an artist's paint, marker, or other tools. I tried to figure out what a tank has to do with the word "graffitics" or what that word suggests to the viewer. I imagine you could think of it like a looming force. The act of sticker "bombing" as the tank driver bowling over anything in its way and "bombing" the targets.

Before I looked around I was a little worried that "graffitics" would be a clip-art web site or something. But my limited searching hasn't revealed any connections.